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Dream Hopper
Ловушка сна
Rating: 130. Size: 4.87Mb.
Jayson is having a lucid dream and you're trapped in it! Begin an adventure through this puzzling world...
Радужный цветок
Rating: 104. Size: 18.01Mb.
Sister of the main character is sick and needs medicine, which it gets from the disease, because otherwise...
Alfa Force
Группа Альфа
Rating: 319. Size: 5.85Mb.
You’ll be taken into cyberworld to battle evil computer virus before they take over control over the mainframe. A,S,W,D...
Kill The Plumber
Убей водопроводчика
Rating: 318. Size: 5.35Mb.
A platformer game, but in reverse. Play as the enemy and find a way to defeat the hero in each level.
Pajama Boy 3
Мальчик в пижаме 3
Rating: 335. Size: 7.59Mb.
Your town has been destroyed and your friends and family have been kidnapped. Only you, Pajama Boy, can...
Monster Adventure
Приключение монстра
Rating: 125. Size: 2.47Mb.
Help guide this little monster as he tries to collect all the stars while avoiding his enemies in this...
Rating: 503. Size: 8.35Mb.
Drillionaire is a solid mining game. Drill through different minerals to collect cash for upgrades. Watch...
Incredible Rabbit's Day
Невероятный день кролика
Rating: 94. Size: 12.14Mb.
Help this friendly rabbit to avoid the animals and the obstacles on his way to reach the big carrot. Use...
Tireless Pig
Неутомимая свинья
Rating: 60. Size: 2.83Mb.
20 levels of a duration of 30 seconds. An entertaining game for children and adults.
Money Movers 2
Похитители денег 2
Rating: 992. Size: 4.14Mb.
The official sequel to Money Movers. This time the duo is trying to break in to save their father! Control...
Pokemon Adventure
Приключения Покемона
Rating: 160. Size: 4.88Mb.
Play as Pichu in this Pokemon adventure game. Collect lightning to complete the levels and become bigger...
Shape Shifter 2
Оборотень 2
Rating: 442. Size: 10.15Mb.
Join the 3 cute creatures in their second adventure. Try to solve the puzzles by fitting the right shape...
Transmorpher 3
Трансформер 3
Rating: 334. Size: 5.27Mb.
Absorb alien creatures and utilise their special abilities to escape an ancient space pyramid.
Switch Bot
Rating: 150. Size: 4.91Mb.
Switch colours to bypass obstacles. Find a way to the exit in each level, whilst dying as little times...
Mario Winter Run
Зимний забег Марио
Rating: 132. Size: 0.82Mb.
Mario prepared gifts for friends, but someone stole them. Help Mario to collect all the stolen gifts.
Rating: 261. Size: 3.09Mb.
Control and interact with copies of yourself in order to escape from a series of caves.
Papa Louie 3: When Sun...
Папа Луи 3
Rating: 297. Size: 11.55Mb.
Delicious desserts have kidnapped Papa Louie and his customers, and it is up to you to save them!
Valiant Knight Save th...
Спасение принцессы
Rating: 492. Size: 3.5Mb.
Help the brave knight to collect the golden coins and win three stars on every level to rescue the princess....
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