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Monster Truck 3D
Monster Truck 3D
Rating: 2833. Size: 3.28Mb.
Steer your jacked-up beast around the course, clearing obstacles as fast as possible to pass each level!...
Thrill Rush
Американские горки
Rating: 4472. Size: 4.41Mb.
Have you ever been at the roller coaster park and every ride was really boring and for little kids? Well...
Ufo racing
Ufo racing
Rating: 986. Size: 2.17Mb.
Try to win first place in the UFO racing championship. 1 Player: Arrow keys- To move. Shift key-...
Rush Rush Pizza
Быстрая пицца
Rating: 1658. Size: 3.09Mb.
Come to a pizza shop workers, your task is to get piping hot pizzas to the customers. Pizza takeaway in...
Demolition Drive
Разрушительные гонки
Rating: 3050. Size: 3.1Mb.
Obvious Demolition Drive is a racing game, but I thought of Angry Birds when I was playing the game. Drive...
Extreme Trucks part I
Extreme Trucks part I
Rating: 1140. Size: 0.85Mb.
Drive the huge monster trucks over the rocky terrain, try to get a personal best by scoring a low time.
Pro Racing GT
Гонки для профи
Rating: 3192. Size: 6.55Mb.
Win all the races in this overhead view styled racing game and try to gain as much money as possible being...
Motor Wheels of Speed
Моторные колеса
Rating: 1036. Size: 2.65Mb.
Ride you motorbike on a busy highway and try to fulfill your mission. You have to destroy some bikers.
Hell Driver
Адский водитель
Rating: 1201. Size: 1.96Mb.
Hell Driver is a scary racing game. But its very interesting game. You have to play the role as a truck...
Ninja Super Ride
Супер поездка
Rating: 688. Size: 1.05Mb.
Enjoy this game, where the rider is a ninja. Get the items to earn points and level up. Use arrow keys.
Coaster Racer 2
Гонки на побережье
Rating: 3389. Size: 5.82Mb.
More high flying racing in this sequel to the wildly popular Coaster Racer. This time there's a new nitro...
SpongeBob Boat Ride
Гонка на лодке
Rating: 1645. Size: 1.59Mb.
Help Spongebob get to the krust krab. Collect all the krabburgers. Use Arrow Keys to drive.
Grand Prix Go
Великие гонки
Rating: 1385. Size: 5.46Mb.
If you seek for some Formula 1 action on hot wheels then take up the challenge in Grand Prix Go 2! In...
Ben 10 Kart Game
Бен 10. Картинг
Rating: 1132. Size: 3.8Mb.
Race as Ben 10, Gwen, Max or Kevin. Beat your fellow racers by using your weapons. Try to finish first...
Pokemon Bike
Велосипед покемона
Rating: 282. Size: 2.48Mb.
Ash is trying to bring Pikachu to the Pokemon Health Center. Drive his bike with care and make sure the...
Buggy Race
Гонки на багги
Rating: 827. Size: 0.56Mb.
Buggy race captures the pure beauty of buggy racing and awesomeness of the true experience.
Tank Mania
Rating: 6825. Size: 2.94Mb.
Tank Mania is a fun Tank driving game. Pick your tank and destroy everything in your way as your drive...
Phineas and Ferb: The ...
Финес и Ферб. Гонки
Rating: 11141. Size: 0.76Mb.
Design your car that you will race against the computer. Don't forget to use your turbo.
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