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Khronos: The Rise Of D...
Rating: 1396. Size: 2.95Mb.
The mighty warrior of the hills well known as Khronos was protecting his people against any evil who may...
Fear Unlimited
Безграничный страх
Rating: 320. Size: 5.9Mb.
Fight your way through 17 missions. Can you survive the fear that creeps into your heart? The pain from...
Fear Unlimited 2
Безграничный страх 2
Rating: 358. Size: 13.52Mb.
Play the second installment of Fear Unlimited and defeat your opponents.
Avatar Arena
Арена воплощений
Rating: 4318. Size: 4.61Mb.
Create your own character and challenge the world's best benders! Choose your nation and fight against...
Crazy Flasher 3
Фанатик 3
Rating: 1410. Size: 2.42Mb.
In Crazy Flasher 3, the king of death match is on his mission to be the ultimate street fighter! You can...
The Ultimate Stickman ...
Карандашные бои
Rating: 621. Size: 0.48Mb.
A lot of different moves to make and also a multiplayer option!
Каменный век
Rating: 609. Size: 6.98Mb.
Pickup caveman weapons and try to stay alive as you fight cavemen & prehistoric animals.
299: The Lost Spartan
Последний спартанец
Rating: 1044. Size: 2.17Mb.
The lost Spartan must do battle alone and face his Persian enemies. Follow instruction inside the game.
Orc Hunter
Охотник на орков
Rating: 486. Size: 0.62Mb.
You are a hunter of Orcs. You can go to town to buy new skills. Make click in leave to leave the town.
Code of the Samurai
Rating: 1786. Size: 1.47Mb.
As a Samurai, infiltrate deep into the enemy territory and gain victory. Use your mouse to interact.
Zombie VS Hamster
Хомяки и зомби
Rating: 721. Size: 6.22Mb.
Be a zombie and fight hamsters or be a hamster and fight zombies. Which side will you take in the war...
School Wars
Война школ
Rating: 1923. Size: 0.22Mb.
A funny isometric flash game between two rival school gangs. In school wars you have to capture the spade...
Take To The Streets
Хозяин улицы
Rating: 2157. Size: 4.68Mb.
Take on hoodlums and thugs on the streets - you'll meet characters like the hooded chav and turbo ninja...
Mascot Kombat
Удачная битва
Rating: 1168. Size: 3.35Mb.
Blood makes the grass grow. If you're tired of the usual game, why not choose their mascots instead and...
Escape From Rehab
Побег Эмми Уайнхаус
Rating: 1248. Size: 0.9Mb.
Help Amy Wine house to escape from the rehab center in Escape Rehab action game and disaster strikes the...
God Of War
Бог войны
Rating: 1843. Size: 2.74Mb.
Revived by the Apollon, the dead King Leonidas now become God of War. Help him return to his homeland...
Extreme Worldcup Simul...
Экстремальный мир
Rating: 605. Size: 1.25Mb.
Select your fighters and fight against the ai.
Monster Joust Madness
Рыцарский турнир
Rating: 4520. Size: 0.25Mb.
Having returned a hero from the war against the Undead Assault Army, your glorious king has dispatched...
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