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Battle of the Futurebots
Сражение роботов
Rating: 249. Size: 0.88Mb.
Help Timmy build a robot and battle his way to the big brain to rescue Cosmo and Wanda. Arrow Keys -...
Freezer Burn
Rating: 278. Size: 1.72Mb.
This survivor is having a tough time with the seagles as they stole his mirror. Now he has to cross the...
Tank Rage in Zombie City
Танковая ярость в городе зомби
Rating: 412. Size: 4.21Mb.
Zombies have taken over your city. Lucky for you, you happen to own a tank. Show those zombies who's boss!
Christmas Sweeper
Рождественская уборка
Rating: 964. Size: 3.49Mb.
Collect enough present for Christmas day by swapping the tokens. Create lines of 3 or more presents on...
Regular Show Ice Age
Ледниковый период
Rating: 80. Size: 0.79Mb.
In this game, Rigby and Mordecai returned to the ice age, their challenge is to overcome glaciers by jumping...
Go Go Goblin 2
Вперед гоблин 2
Rating: 721. Size: 9.09Mb.
Launch the goblin as far as you can. Collect coins, buy upgrades, and launch again.
Zone of Destruction
Зона разрушения
Rating: 1472. Size: 3.76Mb.
What is a geek's worst nightmare? The one that can make him want to kill the girlfriend he found, oh so...
Sky Quest
Небесный квест
Rating: 211. Size: 10.6Mb.
Protect both yourself and your ship from enemy onslaught in this action-packed side scrolling shooter.
King's Rush
Страсть короля
Rating: 2290. Size: 8.27Mb.
Make the king's dreams come true. King's Rush features a dozen fortresses, vicious monsters, 32 upgrades,...
Kiko's Adventure Refle...
Зеркальное приключение Кико
Rating: 35. Size: 6.74Mb.
This is not your typical avoidance game. Avoid your enemies by jumping by using both the up and down arrows!
World of Colors
Мир цветов
Rating: 174. Size: 1.21Mb.
Click on the tile that has a different color. Sounds easy? Try it.
Кот Шредингера
Rating: 194. Size: 11.3Mb.
Avoid detection from the man who put your in a weird box. While your perspective may be skewed you need...
Non-Stop Hammering The...
Молоти без остановки
Rating: 438. Size: 3.88Mb.
In this game,there will be many of your favorite characters like Doraemon, hellokitty and so on. What...
Classic Taxi Jigsaw
Пазл: Классическое такси
Rating: 230. Size: 0.52Mb.
Put all the pieces together and complete the taxi puzzle!
The Adventure of Rober...
Приключение чучела Роберта
Rating: 199. Size: 7.57Mb.
Robert the Scarecrow needs your guidance and help in this crazy running adventure game! The goal is to...
Spider Monkey Jump
Прыжок обезьяны-паука
Rating: 58. Size: 2.38Mb.
Help your favourite Spider monkey to make a high score by jumping on that tough wall avoid the obstetrical...
The Croods Adventure
Приключение Крудс
Rating: 225. Size: 2.47Mb.
The Croods have a new adventures. Today they have to run, jump and kill various monsters. You need to...
Purple Ascent
Фиолетовый подъем
Rating: 59. Size: 3.58Mb.
Help the purple alien to ascent on fragile platforms until he jumps back to his alien home in space.
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