Skate Girl

Sarah loves to skate and now that the weather is nice and sunny again, she loves to spend her time on wheels in the park. Help her skate using your arrow keys and make sure you pass underneath all the arches made of colorful balloons. You can also pick up the golden coins on the road, which will give you extra points to your score. But avoid stones or puddles, because Sarah will fall if she gets into them and you will lose one life. As Sarah skates along, her speed will increase, so you will have to be more focused. Make sure you do not miss any balloons, or you will be in danger of losing the game. You can also pick up hearts to get an extra life. Can you get farther than anyone and receive a high score? Have a blast playing Skater Girl!
Category: Sport. Rating 68.
If you'll be on this page more then 3 minutes, this game will get a +1 rating.

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