Arctic Defense

Kill the waves of lethal penguins, seagulls, wolves, walruses and polar bears before they reach and destroy your igloo!\r\nAt your disposal, you have a team of brave Eskimo warrior-types, each with its own upgrades:\r\n- Machine Moes: Shoots large clips of machine gun fire, barraging the enemies with bullets.\r\n- Billy Bull’s Eyes: Skilled Eskimo snipers. Does a lot of damage, but takes time reloading.\r\n- Shotgun Steves: Disintegrates the attacking arctic animals with the use of a powerful shotgun.\r\n- Bazooka Bobs: Eskimos with a bazooka – who would have guessed? Kills everything within a certain area.\r\nGood luck, Eskimo Commander!
Category: Strategies. Rating 484.
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