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Three most popular games in the last 24 hours.
Bubble Shooter
Стрелок пузырями
Rating: 57757. Size: 0.14Mb.
Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board. Move your mouse to aim and click to shoot at the...
Pyramid Solitaire: Anc...
Пасьянс Пирамида
Rating: 65251. Size: 1.11Mb.
In Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt you must build pyramids by removing all the cards from the pyramid...
Rating: 2190. Size: 8.55Mb.

Three new games.
Гиганты и гномы
Rating: 4816. Size: 18.97Mb.
Востание в Соландии
Rating: 2490. Size: 6.4Mb.
Большое завоевание
Rating: 3004. Size: 3.14Mb.

Random games in category.

Spider-Man City Raid
Городской рейд
Rating: 755. Size: 0.35Mb.
You must help spider man to pass with him's web and pass all obstacles.
Mind Your Marbles
Rating: 2772. Size: 0.26Mb.
The object of this game is to align five or more pieces of the same color into horizontal, vertical or...

Катись, колесо!
Rating: 1292. Size: 0.22Mb.
In this game, you control the spinning wheel and you aim is to collect all the barrels in each level....

The Paper Cup
Газетный кубок
Rating: 433. Size: 0.52Mb.
This is the Paper Islands Cup - a race across the paper islands cosmos where contestants shall vie for...
Mini Toy Car Racing
Мини машинки
Rating: 1154. Size: 2.75Mb.
Excellent mini car racing game with several different circuits. You must beat the lap records on every...

Star Racer
Звездный гонщик
Rating: 552. Size: 1.21Mb.
Race some wicked, out of this space, tracks around the galaxy. Choose from 3 star mobiles and match your...

Run, Jerry, Run!
Беги, Джерри, беги!
Rating: 4106. Size: 1.58Mb.
Jerry is always on his run because of Tom. Can you help him save from Tom's anger? Enjoy this cute Tom...
My Dolphin Show 2
Шоу с дельфином 2
Rating: 26377. Size: 6.8Mb.
Ready for the world’s most famous dolphin show? Today you and your best friend, Mikey the Dolphin, are...

Spongebob Jellyfish
Губка Боб и медузы
Rating: 5654. Size: 1.22Mb.
The jellyfish have escaped from spongebob house. Help spongebob catches those jellyfish on the other side...

Каменный век
Rating: 603. Size: 6.98Mb.
Pickup caveman weapons and try to stay alive as you fight cavemen & prehistoric animals.
The Ultimate Stickman ...
Карандашные бои
Rating: 613. Size: 0.48Mb.
A lot of different moves to make and also a multiplayer option!

Crazy Flasher 3
Фанатик 3
Rating: 1386. Size: 2.42Mb.
In Crazy Flasher 3, the king of death match is on his mission to be the ultimate street fighter! You can...

Where is 2009?
Поиски Нового года
Rating: 1119. Size: 0.62Mb.
You must help Santa find the New Year. Click with your mouse to make Santa interact with the environment.
Степной волк. Эпизод 1
Rating: 1121. Size: 1.54Mb.
Making your way up the Congo River, your barge is attacked by natives. The crew is wounded. To avoid capture,...

Steppenwolf 2
Степной волк. Эпизод 2
Rating: 1644. Size: 1.43Mb.
You awaken in a tribal village. Derek, your assistant, is nowhere to be found. To escape, you must sneak...

Rome Puzzle
Римские головоломки
Rating: 2307. Size: 1.88Mb.
Create matches of three in a row by clicking on adjacent tiles to swap them. Behind this tile is a marble...
Splash Back
Rating: 1164. Size: 0.35Mb.
Get all of the globs off the screen by pumping certain ones up and taking the rest out. You start with...

Blob Wars
Войны капелек
Rating: 870. Size: 0.14Mb.
Try to change the colors of all of your enemy's blobs. if you will move only one step, you will get one...

Tribal Olympics
Олимпиада в племени
Rating: 602. Size: 1.13Mb.
Use your mouse to control your bone and bat the skulls as far as you can to score the highest distance.
1 on 1 Soccer
Футбол 1 на 1
Rating: 3680. Size: 0.29Mb.
Play a heads up soccer match against a friend or a computer. This soccer game has a 2 player mode along...

MiniGolf Pro
Rating: 2917. Size: 5.27Mb.
If you are fan of golf, here is MiniGolf Pro, with 18 levels different. To succeed, you'll have to put...

Humaliens Battle
Битвы людей и пришельцев
Rating: 2230. Size: 7.65Mb.
Your mission in humaliens battle, a strategy war game, is to train your units, buy new machines and fighters...
Gate Of Apocalypse
Ворота Апокалипсиса
Rating: 1128. Size: 4.87Mb.
A mysterious portal appeared in the middle of the peaceful lands. The hordes of beasts riddled the lands....

Arcuz Behind The Dark
Арсуз во тьме
Rating: 1207. Size: 13.63Mb.
Arcuz is an Action Role Play Game (Like Zelda or Diablo). You fight with the monsters, train your hero,...

Old Cannon
Старая пушка
Rating: 1680. Size: 0.81Mb.
In this physics cannon game you will have to destroy the castle in each level using limited amount of...
Foxy Sniper
Фокси снайпер
Rating: 653. Size: 1.19Mb.
Help the Foxy sniper to shoot her targets, depending on the type of mission she gets. Use the Space to...

Sling Wars
Метательные войны
Rating: 1010. Size: 1.33Mb.
In this fun kids game you play for African, European, American or Asian race. You goal is to conquer the...

UFO Adventures
Приключения пришельца
Rating: 303. Size: 5.48Mb.
Balance your alien as you tilt and lean and even jump and go underground for more gameplay modes.
3D Ball Drop!
Не урони шар
Rating: 118. Size: 0.12Mb.
Get the ball into the right hole while avoiding the nasty obstacles. Use the mouse to move the platform...

Hidden Numbers: Real S...
Живая сталь
Rating: 1804. Size: 0.57Mb.
Finding the hidden numbers which are in the real steel pictures.