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Three most popular games in the last 24 hours.
Dice Wars
Войны кубиков.
Rating: 30050. Size: 0.09Mb.
Take over the virtual world by rolling dice. Click your country and then click the country you would...
Wow Connect
Мир Варкрафта
Rating: 8472. Size: 2.07Mb.
Matching puzzle game based on World of Warcraft spell and ability icons.
Bubble Shooter
Стрелок пузырями
Rating: 90839. Size: 0.14Mb.
Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board. Move your mouse to aim and click to shoot at the...

Three new games.
Гиганты и гномы
Rating: 6156. Size: 18.97Mb.
Востание в Соландии
Rating: 3045. Size: 6.4Mb.
Большое завоевание
Rating: 4082. Size: 3.14Mb.

Random games in category.

Musco Morpha: Maggot i...
Злая муха
Rating: 717. Size: 3.21Mb.
This is a fun different action adventure game where you must save the poor little maggot being kidnapped...
Snack Attack
Донеси закуску
Rating: 265. Size: 0.26Mb.
Jed has a list of snack demands for giving you a ride to the race today.You will need to get him everything...

Yeti Sport
Спорт Ети
Rating: 349. Size: 0.28Mb.
The aim of Yeti Sports is to throw the Penguin further and further with each new try. You do this by setting...

Streetrace Cruisin
Уличная гонка
Rating: 1461. Size: 6.36Mb.
Buckle on and win victory over other drivers. The more cash you gain the more upgrades you can buy for...
Neptune Rover
Вездеход на Нептуне
Rating: 573. Size: 2.47Mb.
Discover the magic and mystery of an intergalactic world in this space-aged action adventure game. Play...

Army Car Team
Армейская автокоманда
Rating: 1301. Size: 8.56Mb.
Attain war by driving a military truck and saving the weak and injured soldiers. The Army Car Team game...

Mousy Vs Keety
Мышка против кошки
Rating: 1132. Size: 2.3Mb.
A new epic 'battle' between cute little Mousy and cunning, devilish Keety has just begun! How would you...
Rage 2
Ярость 2
Rating: 2209. Size: 3.95Mb.
The objective of the game is to finish the levels by killing and destroying all that stands against you....

Batman Dynamic Double ...
Бэтмен отважный и смелый
Rating: 5438. Size: 3.31Mb.
On the other side of the galaxy, Batman and blue beetle must battle the kranja ro to rescue the planet. Use...

The Armor RPG Experiment
Экспериментальные бои
Rating: 537. Size: 2.96Mb.
You are robbed of a stone that posesses great power and wills black magic. You must get the stone back...
Resort Cave Escape
Пещера на курорте
Rating: 973. Size: 1.64Mb.
From your childhood you are conducting this resort for the tourists. The resort is located between the...

Christmas Gift Room Es...
Комната с подарками
Rating: 623. Size: 2.08Mb.
Today is a Christmas Carol Day and the time to sing the holy songs and distribute the gifts to children....

Trapped Middle Street ...
Ловушка на Мидл Стрит
Rating: 1010. Size: 1.04Mb.
You are trapped inside in middle street room. The door of the middle street room is locked. There is no...
Chicka Boom
Цыплята и пузыри
Rating: 643. Size: 3.18Mb.
Chicka Boom is another very funny addicting and challenging chain reaction style puzzle game. Click to...

Rating: 147. Size: 2.19Mb.
Mooble has made a code and you have 10 chances to break it within 10 minutes. Concentration and an analytical...

Safari Time
Время сафари
Rating: 1220. Size: 5.36Mb.
Help the zebra get through the safari in one piece. You will have to create a smooth path for its car,...
Blast Billiards
Взрывной бильярд
Rating: 1198. Size: 0.06Mb.
Pocket all of the balls before they explode. Bombs meets pool.

Водное поло
Rating: 911. Size: 0.18Mb.
Shoot the ball into the net and score the most points! Use the arrow keys to move around and use the...

St. Mulligan's 3-Putt
Три удара
Rating: 886. Size: 2.68Mb.
Directly from heaven, St. Mulligan has visited the planet Earth to demonstrate his divine golf playing...
Corporate Wars Level Pack
Корпоративные войны
Rating: 3953. Size: 6.27Mb.
A war game about strategy, you gotta protect this corporation from the monsters attack. Place defense...

Meerkat Mission
Миссия сурикатов
Rating: 1640. Size: 4.42Mb.
Help the meerkats to defend their territory against the invasion of cars. Put the soldiers on the road...

Tower Of Doom
Башня смерти
Rating: 2660. Size: 2.05Mb.
Mission of the game is to destroy the entire territory by casting a destruction spell. This takes time,...
World Of Mutants 2: Re...
Мир мутантов 2. Реинкарнация
Rating: 1459. Size: 7.57Mb.
Discover different planets, meet new friends and enemies, conquer new territorries and destroy everyone...

Impale 2
Проткни мертвеца 2
Rating: 2358. Size: 2.23Mb.
The popular zombie slaughter game returns! Launch and impale the zombies on each set of spikes.

Rating: 651. Size: 2.18Mb.
A great action game where you have to help the protagonist get rid of his enemies and stop them from invading...
Wizard Walls
Волшебные стены
Rating: 953. Size: 5.5Mb.
Take on the role of an enchanter and defend your sheeps from evil trolls which are throwing stones on...

Zoo Transport
Rating: 688. Size: 4.72Mb.
Drag the crates to your pickup truck and try to reach the zoo safely. Some animals don't like speed and...

Stunt Master
Rating: 2611. Size: 3.47Mb.
Smash, bash and crash your way to super-stunt stardom. As the almost indestructible Flip Bashman, you...