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Three most popular games in the last 24 hours.
Bubble Shooter
Стрелок пузырями
Rating: 65833. Size: 0.14Mb.
Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board. Move your mouse to aim and click to shoot at the...
Pyramid Solitaire: Anc...
Пасьянс Пирамида
Rating: 70127. Size: 1.11Mb.
In Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt you must build pyramids by removing all the cards from the pyramid...
Развитие планеты
Rating: 13406. Size: 0.63Mb.

Three new games.
Гиганты и гномы
Rating: 5386. Size: 18.97Mb.
Востание в Соландии
Rating: 2747. Size: 6.4Mb.
Большое завоевание
Rating: 3502. Size: 3.14Mb.

Random games in category.

Farting Panda
Пукающий панда
Rating: 533. Size: 3.84Mb.
Farting panda is a very humorous game with a panda that can fly. But he doesn\'t use some powerful aerodynamics,...
Rainbow Rabbit Adventure
Радужный кролик 3
Rating: 1002. Size: 3.6Mb.
Little P is a very naughty rabbit who likes adventure very much. So does his friends, Little C. The two...

Mr. Bree Returning Home
Мистер Бри
Rating: 699. Size: 19.03Mb.
Mr. Bree has lost his memory and forgot the way home. Can you help him? Controls: WASD = Move / Duck,...

Global Gears
Глобальный механизм
Rating: 871. Size: 4.57Mb.
With the racing game Global Gears you can race tracks in five different countries and bet money on it....
Snow Truck
Снежный грузовик
Rating: 1490. Size: 3.55Mb.
What do you say about a driving experience with snow truck? You're going to the Pole and you have an uncommon...

Fireworks Kart Racing
Фейерверочные гонки
Rating: 1116. Size: 1.52Mb.
Ready your fireworks, beat the clock and prove you're the fastest panda on wheels!

Beauty Potion
Зелье красоты
Rating: 11476. Size: 2.05Mb.
You don't need a prince's kiss to turn a hag into a beautiful princess...you need some potions! Click...
Egg House Escape
Яичный дом
Rating: 4418. Size: 0.51Mb.
Help the hen to escape from the garden by finding hidden clues in the garden. Use the clues in the appropriate...

Find The Candy
Найди конфету
Rating: 8951. Size: 4.88Mb.
Find the candy hidden in the room and collect the 3 hidden stars along the way! Move books, unlock chests,...

The King of Fighters Wing
The King of Fighters Wing
Rating: 1095. Size: 21.17Mb.
One of the most accurate games to ever come close to console fighting games! Your objective on this game...
Ninja Rinseout
Ниндзя под дождем
Rating: 3118. Size: 0.25Mb.
Help the ninja in releasing the princes by killing all the enemies using special ninja skills to prove...

Penguin Warriors
Rating: 639. Size: 3.31Mb.
The numens have suddenly vanished since the forest nearby the village had fired. Strange monsters occupied...

Escape for the Video Game
Побег ради видеоигры
Rating: 623. Size: 4.04Mb.
A boy is so fond of playing video games. One day his friend calls him to play video games in his house,...
Fat Turkey Escape
Побег толстой индюшки
Rating: 514. Size: 5.77Mb.
In this thanksgiving one fat turkey is going out from village for saving her life. She has so many own...

Dragon Room Escape
Комната Дракона
Rating: 635. Size: 3.06Mb.
You are planning to go trip with your friends. While travelling you noticed a room which is far away....

Aqua Dudes
Aqua Dudes
Rating: 518. Size: 1Mb.
Drop the aqua dudes so that they all end up happy with there place in the water. Some link to snorkel...
Mystic India Pop
Индийские шарики
Rating: 7282. Size: 6.32Mb.
Use the elephant to shoot balls at the string and match three or more of the same color, popping all the...

Prizma Puzzle
Rating: 224. Size: 1.76Mb.
A unique puzzle game in which you must use your limited energy to reach all the pyramids in each level.

Prison Basketball
Тюремный баскетбол
Rating: 257. Size: 0.16Mb.
Prison Governor has organized the basketball tournament for most polite prisoners. Win the tournament...
Rating: 658. Size: 3.79Mb.
Solipskier is a skill flash game with simple graphics and controls but the game play is quite different...

Goal Shooting Master
Мастер забивания голов
Rating: 442. Size: 1.03Mb.
In this great game you will be able to score as much goals as you can kicking the ball right to the goalkeeper....

Last Town
Последний город
Rating: 797. Size: 3.77Mb.
Defend your town against the hordes of zombies. Drag and drop various warriors, magicians and farmers...
Rating: 975. Size: 13.76Mb.
Use magical potions and deadly spells to defeat the king's men! Devilment puts you in control of evil...

Human Vs Monster
Люди против монстров
Rating: 964. Size: 5.43Mb.
The monsters had been asleep in their town, it's time to attack monster town and destroy everything! Use...

Desert Rifle 2
Стрельба в пустыне
Rating: 2785. Size: 6.79Mb.
Desert Rifle is back with more weapons, more upgrades and more TNT! In Desert Rifle 2, you have many...
Tanks Gone Wild
Безумные танки
Rating: 1014. Size: 3.28Mb.
Your mission in this action-paced tank battlefield game with random destructible maps, upgrades and achievements...

Holy War: Invasion
Священная Война: Вторжение
Rating: 532. Size: 1.56Mb.
Get to the end of the level, destroying as many enemy units as possible on the way. Mouse = Aim & Fire,...

What Now Harry?
Что дальше, Гарри?
Rating: 850. Size: 1.68Mb.
After a long period of time, Harry has finally defeated the evil, dark force, Voldemort. So what's his...
Crazy Penguin Catapult
Безумная катапульта
Rating: 10283. Size: 3.84Mb.
Polar bears have captured your penguin friends. Use your catapult and come to the rescue.

Magic Smash Hammer
Волшебный молот
Rating: 1286. Size: 6.01Mb.
Your mission is simple: Help the Keeper of the Magic Smash Hammer to protect the castle from enemies.