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Three most popular games in the last 24 hours.
Bubble Shooter
Стрелок пузырями
Rating: 58917. Size: 0.14Mb.
Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board. Move your mouse to aim and click to shoot at the...
Pyramid Solitaire: Anc...
Пасьянс Пирамида
Rating: 65918. Size: 1.11Mb.
In Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt you must build pyramids by removing all the cards from the pyramid...
Kung Fu Madzong
Кун-фу маджонг
Rating: 11484. Size: 0.98Mb.
Another game of Mahjong where you pick two similar pieces on the edge of the stacks.

Three new games.
Гиганты и гномы
Rating: 4890. Size: 18.97Mb.
Востание в Соландии
Rating: 2531. Size: 6.4Mb.
Большое завоевание
Rating: 3046. Size: 3.14Mb.

Random games in category.

One Button Vania
Однокнопочный Ваня
Rating: 502. Size: 2.69Mb.
Explore a vast metroidvania world, fight huge bosses, find items and gain level! All done with only one...
A Ghostly Journey
Призрачное путешествие
Rating: 1277. Size: 3.36Mb.
Take a ghostly journey through a spooky pixel art world where you’ll possess the living, solve puzzles...

Побег тени
Rating: 1125. Size: 6.63Mb.
Escape from a world of shadows. You\\\'ll need to keep moving to earn lives as you journey through challenging...

Death Racers 2
Смертельная гонка 2
Rating: 5208. Size: 13.46Mb.
A group of maximum-security inmates has just one chance for freedom: the death racer championship. Choose...
The Battle Path
Боевой путь
Rating: 1110. Size: 6.54Mb.
Launch your attack and drive your army truck to the glory. Smash your enemies and shoot all of them to...

Seasons Race
Сезонная гонка
Rating: 657. Size: 4.59Mb.
Be quick and be smart! Race against the other cars and show what an awesome pilot you are! It definitely...

Super Doggy
Rating: 5787. Size: 4.94Mb.
The cats have taken over and locked up every puppy. Luckilly super doggy comes to the rescue.. This free...
Toffy Cat
Кот Тоффи
Rating: 11451. Size: 2.26Mb.
Toffy started a great adventure alone, mostly because he is one stubborn character. He needs you to help...

Forest Jam
Лесной джем
Rating: 2328. Size: 0.67Mb.
Help the elves to make jam. Pickup the apples and move them to the kitchen. When the kitchen is ready...

Orc Hunter
Охотник на орков
Rating: 480. Size: 0.62Mb.
You are a hunter of Orcs. You can go to town to buy new skills. Make click in leave to leave the town.
299: The Lost Spartan
Последний спартанец
Rating: 1030. Size: 2.17Mb.
The lost Spartan must do battle alone and face his Persian enemies. Follow instruction inside the game.

Каменный век
Rating: 603. Size: 6.98Mb.
Pickup caveman weapons and try to stay alive as you fight cavemen & prehistoric animals.

Into the Wild
В диких условиях
Rating: 866. Size: 5.28Mb.
Join Crystal Rose Divine in her new tv show, as she explores the mysterious MugaBuga tribe.
Breezy Apartment Escape
Спасение из квартиры
Rating: 1058. Size: 0.59Mb.
You are stuck in a stranger apartment which you assumed to be your own before you are found out and reported...

Sand House Escape
Песчаный дом
Rating: 708. Size: 1.53Mb.
You are trapped in the sand house. You have to collect all necessary objects to find way to escape from...

Flick Color
Rating: 831. Size: 1.5Mb.
It's a technicolor battle for the board! Turn the entire board the same color by clicking the 6 squares...
Mir & Ror
Мир и Рор
Rating: 239. Size: 0.64Mb.
Help Mir & Ror find the exit. But watch out! The purple Ror moves in the opposite direction of the green...

Clowning Around
Клоунада вокруг
Rating: 283. Size: 1.85Mb.
Cut the right chains and help these clowns reach the barrel as quickly as possible. This puzzle game won't...

Pole Vault Challenge
Прыжок с шестом
Rating: 1123. Size: 0.4Mb.
Help Wile E. Cayote be a pole vaulting champion. This game requires perfect timing to make the jump.
Rating: 1791. Size: 0.14Mb.
Practice and hit the target. Use the right element to pick if it's gonna be horizontal or vertical. Hit...

Rating: 2172. Size: 4.38Mb.
Race your way through the various environments, do tricks, and upgrade your bike. See if you can unlock...

Battle Stance
Боевая позиция
Rating: 3665. Size: 7.04Mb.
After invading the Land of Men, the orcs have settled all across it. Stand up against their armies and...
Smileys Wars: Battle i...
Битва на кухне
Rating: 881. Size: 7.1Mb.
Malicious smilies want to capture kitchen. Protect kitchen from attack of smilies-workers. Earn money...

Arctic Warfare
Арктические войны
Rating: 1721. Size: 1.06Mb.
Command your army and build troops in different lanes to take over structures and bases.

Winter Zombie Invasion
Зимнее вторжение зомби
Rating: 1181. Size: 2.18Mb.
Your goal in winter zombie invasion game is to eliminate all the attacking zombies by throwing snowballs...
War Zone: World War 2
Зона войны
Rating: 500. Size: 1.24Mb.
Your mission in this World War 2 shooting game is to disembark in the beaches of Normandy, opening a second...

Bow Man
Rating: 3774. Size: 0.03Mb.
Are you a good Bow-Man? Use your mouse to set angle and power and release to shoot your bow. Your aim...

The Avengers Puzzle
Пазл Мстители
Rating: 557. Size: 1.46Mb.
Choose from 9 different pictures of the avengers and then solve the puzzle.
Connect Monsters
Соедини монстров
Rating: 112. Size: 0.2Mb.
Draw a line with your mouse a path on the hexagons to connect two or more monsters of same kind. You...

Bring Me Home
Доставь меня домой
Rating: 454. Size: 0.61Mb.
The cute alien has lost his home sweet home and he wants to find it back asap. Can you help him? Launch...