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Three most popular games in the last 24 hours.
Flash Element TD
Башни (Warcraft III)
Rating: 15323. Size: 0.33Mb.
Flash Element TD is a game inspired by Element TD for Warcraft III. Like the most TD Games your mission...
Bubble Shooter
Стрелок пузырями
Rating: 92594. Size: 0.14Mb.
Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board. Move your mouse to aim and click to shoot at the...
Mahjong Chain
Rating: 8779. Size: 0.37Mb.
Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board. Click 2 identical tiles to connect them. Each...

Three new games.
Гиганты и гномы
Rating: 6162. Size: 18.97Mb.
Востание в Соландии
Rating: 3052. Size: 6.4Mb.
Большое завоевание
Rating: 4092. Size: 3.14Mb.

Random games in category.

Rating: 223. Size: 0.58Mb.
Use explosives to send BoomBot on his merry way. Many treacherous obstacles and adventures wait, Young...
Gravitex 2
Гравитекс 2
Rating: 239. Size: 2.78Mb.
Give your ball just enough power to zoom around orbs in space, grab all the coins, and slip through the...

Air Transporter
Воздушный транспортер
Rating: 955. Size: 4.42Mb.
Air Transporter is a physics-based helicopter simulation game. Aim of the game is to transport various...

Blast Driver
Взрывной водитель
Rating: 4398. Size: 4.92Mb.
Become a secret agent assigned to the bomb division. Bombs have been planted on cars, and the accelerator...
Toy Monster Trip
Поездка игрушечного монстра
Rating: 3288. Size: 5.23Mb.
Your task is to drive along the cozy home yard as fast as possible, overcoming and destroying all the...

Dirt Road Race
Гонка по грунтовой дороге
Rating: 1969. Size: 4.5Mb.
It is time to show everyone that you are the best off road racer. Strive to hit maximum scores and eliminate...

Rating: 8687. Size: 1.21Mb.
Ninji is the princess of the rainbow village who always loves wearing her tiara. One day, while she was...
Beauty Potion
Зелье красоты
Rating: 11519. Size: 2.05Mb.
You don't need a prince's kiss to turn a hag into a beautiful princess...you need some potions! Click...

Egg House Escape
Яичный дом
Rating: 4462. Size: 0.51Mb.
Help the hen to escape from the garden by finding hidden clues in the garden. Use the clues in the appropriate...

Kill Bill 2
Убить Билла 2
Rating: 322. Size: 0.34Mb.
Slice! Slice! and Slice! and more Slice!
Bee Boxing
Пчелиный бокс
Rating: 674. Size: 0.8Mb.
Help out the bee to collect the honey and to fight against the evil wasps! Don't miss the small special...

Rating: 2328. Size: 1.72Mb.
Achilles is a mighty greek warrior who fought the roman empire back on their knees. Now is your chance...

Escape the Statue Man
Побег человека-статуи
Rating: 1212. Size: 2.59Mb.
You need to help a man who became a statue because of some witch.
Spaceship Pet Escape
Бегство с космического корабля
Rating: 541. Size: 0.79Mb.
Who would resist the cuteness of this pet? Everybody would love to be with this little creature, but it...

Find Your Way Out
Найди выход
Rating: 993. Size: 0.92Mb.
You\'ll have to watch your step--snipers will take you out. Can you take them out and avoid the traps?

Blobbing Around
Blobbing Around
Rating: 371. Size: 2.49Mb.
Have some blobbing around fun with the green blob and deliver him the indicated cross sign to complete...
XoniX 3D
Ксоникс 3D
Rating: 1200. Size: 4.12Mb.
You have to be quick and concentrate to win this game. Use the arrows to move and cut off parts of the...

Pheus & Mor
Феус и Мор
Rating: 1236. Size: 9.71Mb.
Help Pheus and his dog Mor to solve puzzles and find out what happened! Use WASD keys to control Pheus,...

Kawairun 2
Бегущий Каваи 2
Rating: 5057. Size: 0.26Mb.
Run, jump and slide in the fast-laced world of Kawairun 2! Battle obstacles and create cool competitions...
Goalkeeper Italian
Итальянский вратарь
Rating: 6870. Size: 3.58Mb.
You are the Goalkeeper of an italian football team. Help your team to win the match with your saves. Victory...

Paul Vaulting
Прыгающий Пауль
Rating: 1114. Size: 1.56Mb.
A little game about Paul playing pole vaulting. Test your reflexes and your luck! Two modes of play, both...

Demonic Flower
Демонический цветок
Rating: 751. Size: 13.04Mb.
Help the king destroy hordes of enemies while searching for gifts for the princesses! Find the elusive...
Humaliens Battle vs Ba...
Пришельцы против людей 2
Rating: 2926. Size: 8.76Mb.
Battle Gear troops were attacked by the Humaliens troops. Now they are revenge and strike back! Prepare...

Tower of the Archmage
Башня Архимага
Rating: 590. Size: 6.08Mb.
You can choose your class to start laying this adventure game called Tower Of The Archmage. Your main...

Cool West
Холодный запад
Rating: 548. Size: 2.58Mb.
Those evil penguins are up to no good. Use your oversized slingshot to fire a couple of sheep and other...
Big Evil Robots
Большие злые роботы
Rating: 1796. Size: 3.41Mb.
A group of Big Evil Robots invaded the Earth. Only you can save the mankind! Use your slingshot and 10...

Shadow Agent
Тень агента
Rating: 3076. Size: 2.02Mb.
You need to use your shooting, hidden object and puzzle solving skills in order to complete the sniper...

Santa in Trouble
Проблемы Деда Мороза
Rating: 363. Size: 3.79Mb.
Santa in Trouble is a difference game where you need to help santa to find the gift that are separated...
Wolf And Eggs
Ну, погоди!
Rating: 745. Size: 0.37Mb.
Catch as much as possible eggs, controlling the Wolf. For each caught egg You earn one point. For the...

Rating: 792. Size: 2.02Mb.
Zayki is a fun physics-based puzzle game, your goal is to eliminate the angry snowmen by slicing up towers....