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Three most popular games in the last 24 hours.
Bubble Shooter
Стрелок пузырями
Rating: 56806. Size: 0.14Mb.
Your goal is to clear all the bubbles from the board. Move your mouse to aim and click to shoot at the...
Pyramid Solitaire: Anc...
Пасьянс Пирамида
Rating: 64772. Size: 1.11Mb.
In Pyramid Solitaire: Ancient Egypt you must build pyramids by removing all the cards from the pyramid...
Rating: 1981. Size: 8.55Mb.

Three new games.
Гиганты и гномы
Rating: 4745. Size: 18.97Mb.
Востание в Соландии
Rating: 2463. Size: 6.4Mb.
Большое завоевание
Rating: 2916. Size: 3.14Mb.

Random games in category.

Suspense 2
Неизвестность 2
Rating: 789. Size: 5.18Mb.
Нou have to help the poor buddy to survive his adventurous trip through two different time lines. Try...
60 seconds Burger Run
Гонитва за бургером
Rating: 501. Size: 1.49Mb.
Your favorite burger restaurant is closing in 60 seconds, so hurry up! Get that corpulent duder through...

Little Ooze\'s Flower
Цветок Маленькой Слизи
Rating: 1960. Size: 2.87Mb.
Little Ooze was walking on the pipes with his flower. Suddenly, the flower was blown away and lost in...

Motor Wheels of Speed
Моторные колеса
Rating: 1023. Size: 2.65Mb.
Ride you motorbike on a busy highway and try to fulfill your mission. You have to destroy some bikers.
Pro Racing GT
Гонки для профи
Rating: 3158. Size: 6.55Mb.
Win all the races in this overhead view styled racing game and try to gain as much money as possible being...

Extreme Trucks part I
Extreme Trucks part I
Rating: 1134. Size: 0.85Mb.
Drive the huge monster trucks over the rocky terrain, try to get a personal best by scoring a low time.

Tom and Jerry in Midni...
Съедобная ночь
Rating: 5801. Size: 0.61Mb.
Jerry is sleepwalking. Help him find the correct path with the cheese, springs and other items to get...
Rain Forest Adventure
Приключения по лесу
Rating: 11882. Size: 1.83Mb.
Help Diego find animals from the rain forest. Get all the coins you can and avoid the bananas. Use...

Tarzan Swing
Прыжки Тарзана
Rating: 5045. Size: 6.85Mb.
It's time to play in the jungle ! Tarzan must move using the lianas and get some food. Use the left...

Crazy Flasher 3
Фанатик 3
Rating: 1386. Size: 2.42Mb.
In Crazy Flasher 3, the king of death match is on his mission to be the ultimate street fighter! You can...
Avatar Arena
Арена воплощений
Rating: 4294. Size: 4.61Mb.
Create your own character and challenge the world's best benders! Choose your nation and fight against...

Fear Unlimited 2
Безграничный страх 2
Rating: 355. Size: 13.52Mb.
Play the second installment of Fear Unlimited and defeat your opponents.

Stylish House Escape
Побег из стильного дома
Rating: 676. Size: 1.01Mb.
You must escape from Stylish House. You will need to collect the necessary objects, if you have the right...
Castel Escape
Побег из замка
Rating: 726. Size: 2.94Mb.
You are trapped in the Castel, so you will need to collect the necessary objects to make him escape from...

Escape The Hapless Pri...
Несчастная принцесса
Rating: 648. Size: 4.36Mb.
The cute princess come to a strange place. Here inhabited by apes. The princess find a apple, buy she...

Высший разум
Rating: 187. Size: 0.04Mb.
The Computer sets up a code of coloured ball. Duplicates are allowed, so even all balls with the same...
Vision By Proxy
Зрение по доверенности 2
Rating: 1134. Size: 7.2Mb.
Your ship crashed and engine parts are lost between perspectives. Steal eyes to find them! Learn to see...

Penguin Slice Valentine
Пингвины в день Валентина
Rating: 527. Size: 0.01Mb.
Slice the evil penguins off their platforms. You have to do your best to prevent these penguins from ruining...

Chowder The Great Escape
Большое спасение Чаудера
Rating: 207. Size: 6.16Mb.
Chowder is hungry gain but the bunny wants to hug him really bad. He does not like that, because food...
Boxing Live
Живой бокс
Rating: 1313. Size: 7.71Mb.
Customize a hardboiled boxer with tons of different options and get ready to fight into the championsship...

Techno Golf
Техно гольф
Rating: 693. Size: 5.13Mb.
Would you like play a futuristic golf game? Show your skills and help the bot to get the stars of each...

Plan It Green
Rating: 1801. Size: 3.65Mb.
You have been assigned the mayor of a town and you decide you will turn this town around and make it green...
Pixel Legions
Легионы пикселей
Rating: 1039. Size: 3.26Mb.
Pixel Legions is a fast-paced tactical action game. Aim of the game is to control your pixel army and...

Tactics 100 Live!
Тактика 100 живых
Rating: 1654. Size: 1.17Mb.
Create a 100 points army and let them fight against another 100 point army. The winner will determined...

Killing Team
Убойная команда
Rating: 594. Size: 5.33Mb.
Killing Team is a great shooting game. You are a special unit soldier on undercover mission. Your mission...
Madness Regent
Безумный регент
Rating: 1264. Size: 5.4Mb.
Guide your hero through a universe filled with nothing but evil and mad bosses that first need to be located...

Papa's CupCakeria
Кафе Папы
Rating: 3240. Size: 8.45Mb.
Papa just hired you to work at his Cupcakeria. Your job is stressy but fun. Take customers orders and...

Red Extinction
Вымирание красных
Rating: 868. Size: 6.81Mb.
Control a powerful virus and annihilate all enemies! Attach and detach spikes, axes and powerful cannons...
Nuclear Eagle
Ядерный орел
Rating: 810. Size: 1.61Mb.
You are a nuclear-eagle, and your babies are hungry for... humans. Guess what - it's feeding time!