Logical (567).
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Rating: 381. Size: 5.99Mb.
Footprints is a sweet little puzzle game filled with colorful hexagons developed by Daniel C. Messias....
Push Out Fans
Вытолкни диск
Rating: 440. Size: 0.4Mb.
Cool little brain game. In Push out fans, you have to figure out how to push out all fans in each level...
Iron Logic
Железная логика
Rating: 364. Size: 1.57Mb.
New logic game where you have to help the robot to reach the star. Use the elements to push the bot and...
Squirrel and the Golde...
Белка и Золотой Орех
Rating: 256. Size: 0.57Mb.
Use your skill to launch this likeable squirrel with the objetive of reach the gold acorn without fall...
Lever Physics
Rating: 147. Size: 1.06Mb.
Place the objects on the balancer and get the perfect equilibrium before the time runs out. Be focused...
Marblous Maze
Rating: 1154. Size: 0.61Mb.
Drag items to make your marble bounce and turn as you try to get it to the red exit. If you make the wrong...
Rating: 823. Size: 3.09Mb.
It is a puzzle game with minimalist graphics in which you'll have to move the lines so they do not cross...
Shape Fold Animals
Собери животных
Rating: 616. Size: 3.78Mb.
Can you put together each of these paper animals? Let’s start with a swan.
Glow Path
Светлый путь
Rating: 273. Size: 3.92Mb.
Simple, yet addicting brain game. Over 100 levels. Love these type of games. Make the right connections...
Rating: 248. Size: 6.58Mb.
In Zombonarium should try to bring back the head of a zombie. Collect extra items, like bones and a key...
Monsters in the Dark
Монстры в темноте
Rating: 463. Size: 2.05Mb.
Monsters in the Dark is a game based on the cut the rope and remove the object game mechanics. The main...
Fruits vs Animal Zombies
Фрукты против зомби
Rating: 197. Size: 4.61Mb.
Animal zombies invasion into orchards, and occupied it. Fruits are anxious, and has organized a large...
Get Rid of the Weeds
Избавься от сорняков
Rating: 222. Size: 1.2Mb.
Drag and drop the lawnmowers to clear the grass and get rid of all the weeds!
Piggy Wiggy 3
Пигги Вигги 3
Rating: 420. Size: 10.53Mb.
Help the pigs eat all the acorns in each level by cutting and connecting ropes.
Need a Hero
В поисках героя
Rating: 179. Size: 1.31Mb.
Be a mouse hero and save your friend from the evil human!
Magic Carrot 2
Магическая морковь 2
Rating: 1008. Size: 5.68Mb.
Help this funny rabbit take the magic carrot to the villain`s castle so that he can rescue his loved one....
Moti Gold
Золото Моти
Rating: 346. Size: 1.92Mb.
Guide Moti in the underground maze to collect all gold pieces. Use arrows to move.
Amigo Pancho 5
Друг Панчо 5
Rating: 836. Size: 11.36Mb.
Control fans and cut through rocks to guide Amigo Pancho and his two helium balloons through each level.
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