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R0B3R7 The Robot
Робот R0B3R7
Rating: 961. Size: 3.12Mb.
Help R0B3R7 complete the puzzles and escape each level. The game has 20 levels and also a level editor...
Out of Wind
Без ветра
Rating: 1248. Size: 2.2Mb.
Carefully position underground gears to reactivate the windmills in a small village.
Planet Of Logic
Планета логики
Rating: 390. Size: 0.33Mb.
Welcome to the Planet of Logic. A cool world where adjacent shapes needs to be matched in groups of 2...
Rabbit Save The world
Кролик спасает мир
Rating: 568. Size: 0.9Mb.
The brave rabbit has come to save the world from the results of radish precipitation! Cut and move objects...
Fluffy Rescue
Спасение пушистиков
Rating: 948. Size: 3.57Mb.
Cute fluffies are kidnapped by the evil spider! Help them to return to their nests! Cut web threads, use...
Block Squad
Block Squad
Rating: 438. Size: 3.9Mb.
Help the Block Squad retrieve the city's valuables from an infestation of pesky blocks, throughout the...
Fire's Revenge
Месть огня
Rating: 1587. Size: 4.62Mb.
Fire used to have a lot of fun, but now with all of the fire prevention classes in schools and fire extinguisher...
Coin Stash
Сундук золота
Rating: 114. Size: 0.76Mb.
Move colored pixelated blocks to reach to the coin stash and loot all its beholding. Plan your moves ahead...
Binga 3
Бинга 3
Rating: 1010. Size: 4.74Mb.
In Binga 3, there are brand new levels with small simple actions (in fact, not necessarily as simple as...
Rating: 219. Size: 4.99Mb.
In the puzzle game Golfun your goal is to put the ball in each of the holes. Use the items in the menu...
Swap It Et
Собери его
Rating: 404. Size: 2.51Mb.
Move the titles, make all gear in the correct location, unique jigsaw puzzle game!
Pheus & Mor
Феус и Мор
Rating: 1231. Size: 9.71Mb.
Help Pheus and his dog Mor to solve puzzles and find out what happened! Use WASD keys to control Pheus,...
XoniX 3D
Ксоникс 3D
Rating: 1198. Size: 4.12Mb.
You have to be quick and concentrate to win this game. Use the arrows to move and cut off parts of the...
Blobbing Around
Blobbing Around
Rating: 370. Size: 2.49Mb.
Have some blobbing around fun with the green blob and deliver him the indicated cross sign to complete...
Brick Master
Кирпичный мастер
Rating: 237. Size: 0.15Mb.
In this puzzle you need to place colored bricks in fitting positions. Use your logic and find the right...
Stupid Jerks
Бестолковые толчки
Rating: 1210. Size: 1.59Mb.
Get all the stupid jerks off the screen by removing the colored blocks.
Rating: 183. Size: 1.72Mb.
Navigate your way through the maze making sure to hit each tile only once.
Manymaze 2
Manymaze 2
Rating: 143. Size: 7.22Mb.
Remember solving mazes as a kid? With these mazes, you move multiple pieces at the same time. 60 manymazes...