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Mummy's Path
Путь мумии
Rating: 607. Size: 4.83Mb.
Make the mummy's head roll till it reaches the body, taking as much diamonds as you can, and collect all...
StealthBound Level Pack
Хитрая связь
Rating: 1160. Size: 10.43Mb.
Your mission in Stealthbound Level Pack is to assist our protagonist in his quest to escape from a maximum...
Piggies Rescue
Спасение поросят
Rating: 776. Size: 5.87Mb.
A group of small piggies have been captured and sent to the slaughterhouse, but they still have a chance...
Doctor Frankenstein
Доктор Франкенштейн
Rating: 730. Size: 6.34Mb.
Become Doctor Frankenstein and put your very special set of skills to work in order to create a terrifying...
Steak and Jack
Стик и Джек
Rating: 617. Size: 4.74Mb.
Help the buddies steak and jack deliver the milk to the farm, by overcoming the obstacles! Use the color-changing...
Wanna Oranges
Хочешь апельсин?
Rating: 821. Size: 4.1Mb.
Panda is waiting for your help and its your turn to help her to feed the orange. Click to destroy ice...
Arties Dreams
Мечты Арти
Rating: 354. Size: 7.69Mb.
Artie dreams about eating carrots, hopping from planet to planet and becoming a true bunny! Can you help...
Mystery Temple
Таинственный храм
Rating: 1307. Size: 2.96Mb.
You have discovered an ancient temple. Great treasures are hidden there, but it isn't so easy to get them!...
Sticky Blocks Mania
Липкая блокомания
Rating: 588. Size: 1.54Mb.
Sticky Blocks Mania is a new and very addictive and challenging blocks puzzle game. Your objective in...
Cat 4 Around Africa
Кот 4: Вокруг Африки
Rating: 1260. Size: 5.6Mb.
Fun physic puzzle game, around the world with the cat. Help him get the delicious food! Have fun!
Treasures of Aladdin
Сокровища Аладдина
Rating: 442. Size: 3.92Mb.
Find the Treasure of Aladdin by swapping and matching adjacent gems. This match 3 game comes with a unique...
The Adventure of Two
Приключение двоих
Rating: 543. Size: 2.6Mb.
This is a great adventure of the two friends that can do together some heavy things. They are two cute...
Bug Breaker
Истребитель жуков
Rating: 820. Size: 1.4Mb.
Use your puzzle powers to set bugs free! Release trapped bugs by matching like-color hexagons. Place the...
Where Is My Beard
Где моя борода
Rating: 670. Size: 7.78Mb.
With 20 increasingly difficult levels, Where Is My Beard is a very nice online puzzle game. In each level...
Short Legs Want Rabbit
Короткий маршрут для кролика
Rating: 788. Size: 2.25Mb.
Help the short legged bears in this strategy game with unique rules and online level sharing. The strategy...
Sneaky Dex
Трусливый Декс
Rating: 1355. Size: 5.6Mb.
Help Dex the sneaky robot escape in this fun futuristic platform puzzle game. Solve the puzzles and guide...
Aqua Bowls
Водные кегли
Rating: 257. Size: 0.93Mb.
Collect all the pearls and shells into the treasure chest Match any three identical pearls and shells...
Земля кроликов
Rating: 414. Size: 7.35Mb.
Bunnyland is an exciting physics-based puzzle game. Use the different abilities of the rabbits to get...