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Rating: 401. Size: 3.99Mb.
Have fun on this platform and help Bubbleman get all the food he wants. Use the arrow keys to move and...
Mini Aliens in a Box
Маленькие инопланетяне
Rating: 318. Size: 0.46Mb.
The green mini aliens have invaded our planet! Because they are not many yet you can rescue the situation...
Skull Hunter
Охотник за черепами
Rating: 1490. Size: 4.17Mb.
Aim well and get rid of the hidden skulls. Some objects are indestructible, though. Use the arrow and...
Maya Mojo
Магия майя
Rating: 270. Size: 2.19Mb.
Show off your shape-shifting skills to unlock your Mayan mojo! Click on an arrow to move a row or column...
Deconstruction 2
Деконструкция 2
Rating: 773. Size: 1.47Mb.
Strike designs down with a demolition specialized robot. But be cautious, everything that goes up, instantly...
Rating: 953. Size: 3.19Mb.
Join a one robot's quest to find his mechanical loved one! Use your robotic super powers to overcome all...
Asleep Walking
Прогулки во сне
Rating: 891. Size: 2.25Mb.
Help the sleepwalker get through the levels in this fun addicting game.
Lazy Liz 2
Ленивый Лиз 2
Rating: 334. Size: 2.94Mb.
Help the Liz catch the fly. You have to move fast amongst the stones and get to the fly to move up a level....
Мартышка и шары
Rating: 701. Size: 0.6Mb.
Pop as many balloons you can with each dart your throw. Special balloons have special effects when popped,...
Cog factory
Cog factory
Rating: 211. Size: 0.59Mb.
You are in charge of sorting all the cogs used to make cog factory's "machine". Are you up to the brain...
Samurai Panda
Панда самурай
Rating: 217. Size: 3.6Mb.
Each Samurai needs to stay full if they want to train hard. And for a samurai panda to keep its energy...
Rich Mine 2
Богатая шахта 2
Rating: 2003. Size: 6.46Mb.
Hurry Rich Mine is back again with other super second version.... Its Rich Mine 2!! You have to help the...
Save Echidna
Прогони ехидну
Rating: 563. Size: 2.98Mb.
In this fun physics-based game the task is to save echidna from under the fat pig. To achieve this click...
Rebuild The Temple 2
Восстановленный храм-2
Rating: 377. Size: 1.45Mb.
Remove stone bricks from the Chinese temples without destroying it. Click blocks to remove untill all...
Vase Mystery
Магическая ваза
Rating: 809. Size: 3.27Mb.
Destroy as much vases as you can. You have not a lot of clicks, make long chain reactions and earn more...
Free The Fish
Освободи рыбку
Rating: 1281. Size: 4.41Mb.
Your mission is simple: Shoot balls to break the chains and free the fish. Try to free the fish with as...
Mummy Annihilation
Уничтожение мумий
Rating: 445. Size: 3.55Mb.
The evil mummies have risen! You must put a stop to their reign of chaos… Destroy all the mummies in...
Space Jumper
Космический прыгун
Rating: 485. Size: 5.72Mb.
Move the items on the screen wherever you want and the space jumper might land in the right location....