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Sokoban Geek
Rating: 366. Size: 1.2Mb.
Help the Sokoban Geek push the boxes onto the marked points to solve all puzzles and prove his intelligence!...
Push The Cat
Придавите кота
Rating: 529. Size: 1.68Mb.
Click on striped blocks to remove and help the mass hit the noisy cat.
Mahjong Fun
Веселый маджонг
Rating: 4434. Size: 0.58Mb.
Click and make pairs from the left or the right wing. You can only choose a tile with at least one free...
Endless Mahjong 2
Бесконечный Маджонг
Rating: 6680. Size: 0.71Mb.
Remove the tiles by finding matching pairs and clicking them.
Under Construction
В стадии строительства
Rating: 1266. Size: 0.73Mb.
Use your Left Mouse Button to pick up and place the blocks. Press the Left Mouse Button (when off the...
Rating: 875. Size: 1.9Mb.
Move the cow so she can reach the bottle and fill it with milk. We see some puzzle and also some physics...
Paper Train
Бумажный поезд
Rating: 1242. Size: 2.03Mb.
Control the destiny's of as many paper trains as you can handle! Throw switches to start and stop then...
Rating: 2949. Size: 1.85Mb.
Use the science of Alxemy to design and build a beautiful world according to your own ideas. In this cute...
Collapse It
Взорви это
Rating: 2920. Size: 4.56Mb.
Plant dynamite and drop bombs to collapse structures and kill all people. Place bombs with your mouse...
Fraction Laboratory
Лаборатория отражений
Rating: 621. Size: 0.4Mb.
Help the scientist boy in his experiments. Make the laser sight reaches the target. You will have to combine...
Adam And Eve
Адам и Ева
Rating: 2415. Size: 8.51Mb.
Help Adam to find the Paradise and to meet Eve. Use your mouse to point and click causing a chain of actions...
Christmas Tree Light Up
Ёлочка, гори
Rating: 2244. Size: 0.04Mb.
Rotate the wires and the light bulbs so that all the wires and light bulbs are connected to the electrical...
Santa is Coming
Санта идет
Rating: 460. Size: 1.43Mb.
Clear the way for Santa Claus! Clear a path for Santa by lining up 3 matching-colored blocks. Click a...
Railroad Shunting Puzzle
Маневровая железная дорога
Rating: 2200. Size: 3.88Mb.
Your option is simple, connect the given wagons to the locomotives and navigate your trains safely to...
Isoball 3
Isoball 3
Rating: 2162. Size: 1.16Mb.
The third installment of the smash hit puzzle series, Isoball 3 contains 75 new levels to test your skills,...
Cargo Bridge
Грузовой мост
Rating: 2006. Size: 1Mb.
Your job is to design a bridge and help your workers to safely move cargo from the other side of the valley....
Little Spider
Rating: 987. Size: 4.56Mb.
In the puzzle adventure game Little Spider you are a little spider that lost the way to it's web. Try...
Ice Cream Wars
Война Бубуки и Гризли
Rating: 101. Size: 3.5Mb.
You go horizontal. The computer goes on a vertical. In the beginning it is given 200 Bubuks (Bubuka are...