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Penguin Slice Valentine
Пингвины в день Валентина
Rating: 528. Size: 0.01Mb.
Slice the evil penguins off their platforms. You have to do your best to prevent these penguins from ruining...
Vision By Proxy
Зрение по доверенности 2
Rating: 1146. Size: 7.2Mb.
Your ship crashed and engine parts are lost between perspectives. Steal eyes to find them! Learn to see...
Высший разум
Rating: 211. Size: 0.04Mb.
The Computer sets up a code of coloured ball. Duplicates are allowed, so even all balls with the same...
Daisy in Wonderland
Дейзи в Стране чудес
Rating: 527. Size: 2.22Mb.
Get Daisy to the exit, simple enough but this puzzle will take you a while to solve. The aim of the game...
Go Home Ball 2
Домой, мячик! 2
Rating: 1154. Size: 3.35Mb.
A little red ball wants to go home, again. Combine logic and skill to bring the ball home. Make use of...
Электронная схема
Rating: 847. Size: 0.84Mb.
Sort out these puzzling connections to create electricity. Each light bulb should have the number of connections...
Mooo Twooo!
Mooo Twooo!
Rating: 534. Size: 2.82Mb.
Mooo Twooo is the fantastic puzzle game you have to destroy the wooden bricks and help the Moo to reach...
Neptune's Treasure
Сокровища Нептуна
Rating: 675. Size: 0.65Mb.
Neptune's Treasure is a fishy tale of theft and retaliation! Deep sea divers are trying to steal King...
Sweet Line
Сладкая линия
Rating: 127. Size: 0.19Mb.
Sweet line is another flash puzzle game with sweets. Make a line of four sweets in vertical, horizontal...
Sokoban Zombie
Сокобан зомби
Rating: 162. Size: 1.35Mb.
Push radioactive boxes into their proper spots without getting them stuck in corners of the room.
Colour World Origins
Мир красок: начало
Rating: 1166. Size: 4.5Mb.
Colour World Origins is a fun challenging aim and shoot style physics based puzzle game. Shoot as few...
Alien Thief
Инопланетный вор
Rating: 520. Size: 2.47Mb.
Help the Alien Thief to fly around with its UFO to steal cows and other animals by using your tractor...
Straight Dice
Волшебные кости
Rating: 127. Size: 0.16Mb.
Tricky little puzzle game. The concept is simple though. Collect “Straights” of 3 or 4 dice. Get runs...
Snail Bob 2
Улитка Боб 2
Rating: 15353. Size: 5.7Mb.
Snail Bob's back and its grandpas birthday party or bust. Use the tools and hints provided to guide Snail...
Rating: 263. Size: 3.9Mb.
The life of a little white blood cell is dedicated to defending the body at all costs!
Totem Destroyer
Разрушитель тотема
Rating: 631. Size: 2.49Mb.
Destroy the required number of blocks in each level without causing the golden object on top to fall to...
Catch The Star
Поймай звезду
Rating: 256. Size: 0.62Mb.
Catch the Star is an addicting and challenging collecting style physics based puzzle game. The goal of...
Big Block's Battle
Большая битва блоков
Rating: 212. Size: 1.54Mb.
Big Blocks Battle is an aim and shoot style physics based puzzle game. You need to achieve target score...