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Kiss call
Kiss call
Rating: 158. Size: 0.84Mb.
In this skill game you have to solve a big problem: there are a lot of boys who want to call the people...
Rainbow Web
Радужная паутина
Rating: 424. Size: 0.87Mb.
A graphic masterpiece that takes the match-3 genre to new heights! Embark on an adventure to the land...
Wizard Of Symbols
Мастер символов
Rating: 672. Size: 2.02Mb.
The Wizard of Symbols keeps potent magic symbols hidden in his lore book. Decode each one by connecting...
Nuclear Ragdoll 2
Nuclear Ragdoll 2
Rating: 807. Size: 3.1Mb.
A skills and shooting game very similar to Angry Birds. You gotta aim with a cannon to throw the doll...
Penguin Slice
Penguin Slice
Rating: 652. Size: 0.01Mb.
Penguin Slice is a penguin destruction game. Kill all bad penguins and spare the nice ones by slicing...
Rubik's Cube
Кубик Рубика
Rating: 248. Size: 0.06Mb.
This is the classic Rubik's Cube game. In this game there is a cube composed of 27 blocks (9 blocks on...
Mindfields 3
Mindfields 3
Rating: 331. Size: 1.08Mb.
Mindfields is back with a level editor, custom maps, challenges and of course 25 brand new levels.
Loony Box
Loony Box
Rating: 868. Size: 3.03Mb.
Loony Box is a cool blocks removal game. Your goal is to get the yellow box into the goal. Watch out for...
Fire It Up!
Rating: 1141. Size: 4.39Mb.
Bring light to the caves! Light up all of the all of the lamps in this impressive puzzle games!
Block drop
Block drop
Rating: 300. Size: 1.89Mb.
In Block Drop, you control a gem that jumps around different 3D block formations. Your goal is to remove...
Священники и дьяволы
Rating: 743. Size: 0.4Mb.
Move all the priests and devils across, but don't let them attack each other by out numbering.
Prizma Puzzle
Rating: 224. Size: 1.76Mb.
A unique puzzle game in which you must use your limited energy to reach all the pyramids in each level.
Mystic India Pop
Индийские шарики
Rating: 7362. Size: 6.32Mb.
Use the elephant to shoot balls at the string and match three or more of the same color, popping all the...
Aqua Dudes
Aqua Dudes
Rating: 518. Size: 1Mb.
Drop the aqua dudes so that they all end up happy with there place in the water. Some link to snorkel...
Safari Time
Время сафари
Rating: 1219. Size: 5.36Mb.
Help the zebra get through the safari in one piece. You will have to create a smooth path for its car,...
Rating: 145. Size: 2.19Mb.
Mooble has made a code and you have 10 chances to break it within 10 minutes. Concentration and an analytical...
Chicka Boom
Цыплята и пузыри
Rating: 643. Size: 3.18Mb.
Chicka Boom is another very funny addicting and challenging chain reaction style puzzle game. Click to...
Cows vs Aliens
Коровы против пришельцев
Rating: 442. Size: 1.4Mb.
Save the cows from the aliens with placing bombs to wipe the screen from the aliens.