Logical (567).
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Tetrollapse Light
Rating: 1410. Size: 0.3Mb.
It\'s tetris with pastel colors. Keep the blocks in check by making complete lines across the space with...
Eat Rockets 2: Wizard
Ешь ракеты 2: Маг
Rating: 232. Size: 3.34Mb.
You play as the heroic wizard who detonates flammable balls. You have to reach them with these enemies...
Toilet Success 3
Туалетный успех 3
Rating: 684. Size: 2.18Mb.
Remove blocks and use other interactive objects to move the fat guys to their toilets successful. Much...
Star Shine
Звездное сияние
Rating: 187. Size: 0.36Mb.
Have a fetish for stars and trigonometry? StarShine will have your brain working in overtime as you try...
Alus Revenge 2
Месть Алуса 2
Rating: 521. Size: 0.41Mb.
You entered Alus\'s tomb, you woke up the God, and made him angry ! Break the warriors\' wall and find...
Staking Claims
Staking Claims
Rating: 352. Size: 7.91Mb.
A digital reimagining of the classic pen-and-paper game Dots and Boxes. Draw lines, form boxes and claim...
Feed Prumpa
Накорми слона
Rating: 560. Size: 3.2Mb.
Interact with and remove with objects on the play-field to guide donuts, candy and other food to a farting...
Picross Madness
Безумная головоломка
Rating: 1255. Size: 0.19Mb.
Picross Madness known as gridlers is logic puzzle game. 620 levels, pencil and pen tool, 3 type of levels...
Surplus Soldiers
Лишние солдаты
Rating: 2004. Size: 3.36Mb.
Launch soldiers from your cannon to hit the treasure chest in each level.
Accurate Boy
Меткий мальчик
Rating: 721. Size: 6.1Mb.
Use a plunger-gun to help a boy recover a pirate ship toy from a series of sewers in this unique physics-based...
Vehicles 3: Car Toons
Тачки 3: Мультфильмы
Rating: 1690. Size: 4.58Mb.
Smash and ram evil vehicles off the screen whilst moving your own vehicles to their parking spots.
Error Zone
Ошибочная зона
Rating: 141. Size: 2.67Mb.
The it scientists have developed a new anti-virus robot. It can destroy all types of viruses: trojans,...
Apple Harvest 2
Урожай яблок 2
Rating: 1296. Size: 2.81Mb.
Draw a line with your mouse to collecting falling apples in the boxes.
Save The Dummy: Holidays
Спасите куклу
Rating: 422. Size: 3.57Mb.
Save The Dummy is back again with holiday theme. Even the dummy has to get into tricky situations in these...
Color Instinct
Цветной инстинкт
Rating: 501. Size: 2.18Mb.
Shoot your ball cannon to catch the star. You can get him as soon you have the right color. Much fun!
Monsterventures: Space...
Космическая авария
Rating: 680. Size: 3.93Mb.
Cosm is a funny little alien monster-explorer. Flying past a mysterious planet he has been shipwrecked...
Block Tetris
Rating: 557. Size: 0.62Mb.
Play tetris with house blocks. Based on Berlin Block Tetris movie created by Sergej Hein. You can collect...
Devil Fall 2
Падение дьявола 2
Rating: 904. Size: 0.9Mb.
The devil are over the place. They are evil and need to be destroyed in order to protect the little angel....