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Wandering Eyes
Блуждающие глаза
Rating: 854. Size: 3.57Mb.
Flip switches and take control of inanimate objects to guide the alien to the exit.
Circus Level Pack
Rating: 702. Size: 7.75Mb.
Guide the pickle to the pool in each level by cutting ropes and making use of circus props.
Burning Scarecrow
Сожжение чучела
Rating: 280. Size: 8.81Mb.
Your task in Burning Scarecrow is to set fire on the poor humanoid twigs but first you must need to burn...
Gold of Knights
Золото рыцарей
Rating: 726. Size: 4.48Mb.
Find the lost treasure of the Knights in this addictive and challenging free match-3 game! Collect 3 identical...
Get the Cupcakes
Получите кексы
Rating: 161. Size: 0.58Mb.
Destroy the coloured cubes, clicking on colour groups. You have a limited number of bombs, so use them...
Angry Sheep
Сердитая овца
Rating: 453. Size: 1.91Mb.
Lead the pack of angry sheep to the farmer for a fresh new haircut. Make your way to the clipper by using...
Gift Rush 3
Подарочная лихорадка 3
Rating: 721. Size: 2.44Mb.
In the new part of this fun physics puzzle game your mission is to help this funny spider to reach his...
Rating: 3354. Size: 4.79Mb.
511 is a puzzle game similar to 2048, but played on a 3×3 grid. Move up, down, left, right using...
Spirits of Elduurn
Духи Эльдурна
Rating: 151. Size: 7.46Mb.
The light and dark spirits who found the world of Elduurn plan to make it their new home. But first they...
Gravi Jello
Грави Желе
Rating: 153. Size: 4.79Mb.
Gravi Jello is a puzzle and combination game in which you have to rotate the screen to collect Jello by...
Rating: 213. Size: 2.7Mb.
King Nolyn sent you on a quest to search for wi-fi connection throughout the whole castle. Azew is a...
Crazy Animals: The Rescue
Безумные звери: Спасение
Rating: 490. Size: 4.34Mb.
Help the wild animals to safety go to the boat. Solve a variety of puzzles to complete the job.
El Papel
Эль Папель
Rating: 520. Size: 8.52Mb.
El Papel loves to use the toilet but today his arch enemy stole the toilet paper. Luckily El Papel has...
Жертва огня
Rating: 301. Size: 2.86Mb.
Your mission in Sacrifire is to make the supernatural being happy. Find some sacrificial animals and sacrifice...
600 Cuts
600 разрезов
Rating: 340. Size: 10.69Mb.
Help the alien to get his eye back. Cut the blocks to move the eye. 30 levels, 20 cuts per level. That...
Rating: 216. Size: 1.37Mb.
Combine the planets into the tiny white circle to complete each level. The more planets the harder these...
Gears and Pins 2
Механизмы и штыри 2
Rating: 372. Size: 14.17Mb.
Guide your marble to the exit in the special mazes filled with pins, gears and traps. Rotate the playing...
Lazy Lamb 2
Ленивый баран 2
Rating: 221. Size: 1.2Mb.
Remove obstacles and help the lazy lamb reach a four-leaf clover.