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Legor 7
Легор 7
Rating: 455. Size: 2.21Mb.
Almost everything can be built out of Legos, with the right pieces and lots of creativity of course. In...
Sugar Panic
Сахарная паника
Rating: 112. Size: 6.34Mb.
Put the platforms and the accelerators in the correct places to make that this sweet candy eats the chocolate...
Disaster Will Strike 4
Катастрофа случится 4
Rating: 819. Size: 8.44Mb.
And again; the dino eggs have to face one disaster after another in the latest installment of the fun,...
Wheely 4: Time Travel
Виили 4
Rating: 1919. Size: 13.09Mb.
Wheely is back in the 4th installment, but this time he broke his wheel and need to visit his friend at...
Interplanetary 3
Межпланетное 3
Rating: 537. Size: 2.01Mb.
Get ready to travel a planet where is covered with ice and lots of dangerous aliens. Get the aliens and...
All or None
Все или ничего
Rating: 250. Size: 0.11Mb.
Find the cards that create a set. All or None is played with a deck of 81 cards. Each card has four properties:...
Piggy in the Puddle 2
Свинья в грязи 2
Rating: 505. Size: 5.67Mb.
Your task is to dip this lovely pig in a basin with this filth! Try to do everything right and not make...
История робота
Rating: 466. Size: 3.74Mb.
A Happy robot comes back home by the ship after long wandering on space. But he did not notice that the...
Nimble Knight
Ловкий рыцарь
Rating: 1189. Size: 1.44Mb.
Move the stones of the castle, and paves the way for the knight! Unusual stones, elevators, bars, saws,...
Gem Monster
Монстр драгоценностей
Rating: 1199. Size: 3.31Mb.
Gem Monster is collecting gems, help him, but beaware of stones, don't let them fall on the Monster. Use...
Zombie Time
Время зомби
Rating: 204. Size: 1.09Mb.
Use the logic and transform all the humans into zombies. Choose the place where you must put the rows...
Pou Jelly World 2
Мир желейного Поу 2
Rating: 375. Size: 0.61Mb.
Pou jelly world is back with more level and amazing game play. In pou jelly world 2, Pou once again turn...
Rating: 311. Size: 2.18Mb.
Your task in Quebrix is to slide and arrange the pieces of beautiful pictures. Test your logical skill...
Expand It: Travel
Расширь его: Путешествие
Rating: 843. Size: 6.76Mb.
Help these funny little creatures reach the rainbow in this fun puzzle game. These creature come in all...
Rating: 156. Size: 3.73Mb.
Slydrs is a fun puzzle game where you have to position each robot over a switch. The robot will slide...
Dung Beetle Derby
Дерби навозного жука
Rating: 448. Size: 1.93Mb.
Dung beetle derby is a fun physics-based puzzle game, your job is to help the beetle to move all the dung...
Light the Lamps
Зажги лампы
Rating: 1506. Size: 1.71Mb.
You have to join electric parts one by one. Every couple of levels new features appear and it's getting...
Sonic Underground Kingdom
Соник в Подземном Королевстве
Rating: 291. Size: 5.16Mb.
Sonic has been trapped in the underground for several days. He needs to find out the keys and goes out....