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Rescue On Cocoa Farm
Спасение на ферме
Rating: 424. Size: 4.99Mb.
Adventure the Cocoa Farm and test your physics skill to rescue the animals on this nice journey. The game...
Lamp of Aladdin
Лампа Аладдина
Rating: 1134. Size: 7.4Mb.
Fly on your magic carpet and discover, or rediscover, the wonderful world of Aladdin! Thanks to the famous...
Rating: 264. Size: 2.19Mb.
You have to make all the cubes disappear to advance to next level. Play quickly to multiply your score...
Greedy Mole
Жадный крот
Rating: 542. Size: 1.28Mb.
You are a cute greedy mole and your goal is to gather all kinds of fruit, but for this, you must combine...
Crack That Code
Rating: 217. Size: 3.52Mb.
In order to crack the code, you have to fill the purple squares with the colour that is placed bottom...
Master Checkers
Английские шашки
Rating: 461. Size: 0.05Mb.
Classic board game checkers, move your pieces to the other side while jumping over enemy pieces.
Tower Box
Башня из коробок
Rating: 1090. Size: 0.27Mb.
Use all boxes to build tower.
Fat Slice
Хороший кусок
Rating: 785. Size: 0.16Mb.
Slice the blocks with your mouse by the appropriate edges. Of course, you should not touch the balls and...
Bloody Fun Day
Кроваво - забавный день
Rating: 470. Size: 1.82Mb.
In this game you are the Death and you must take the lives from the bugs that surround you to gain power...
Zoo Escape
Побег из зоопарка
Rating: 654. Size: 2.84Mb.
Help the adorable pets escape from the zoo by knocking them out of their cages and helping them find the...
Cheat Death
Обмани смерть
Rating: 482. Size: 2.85Mb.
Help our friend to cheat death, order and refill the holes in the way that separates the elixir of life....
Tetris Cuboid 3D
ЗD тетрис
Rating: 161. Size: 0.69Mb.
Tetris in 3 dimensions. Play the game on the 4 sides of a cuboid.
Rating: 915. Size: 4.27Mb.
Fling the furballs along the lines into other furballs to knock them off the board. Remove all the balls...
House of Chocolates
Шоколадня фабрика
Rating: 646. Size: 0.42Mb.
How sweet can matching games get Well try to play in this mouthwatering House Of Chocolates!The object...
Gem Grab
Драгоценный камень
Rating: 496. Size: 3.81Mb.
Aim of the game is to collect all of 30 gems to your treasure. Use your mouse to grab and carry a gem...
Rating: 347. Size: 1.56Mb.
Your goal in this challenging little puzzle game is to roll and jump your red block around picking coins...
Rating: 290. Size: 1.09Mb.
In this 40-level puzzler, you must rotate connectors so that each one connects to a power supply. Only...
Rating: 254. Size: 2.5Mb.
Take blocks from below and add them to the top. Don't let too many blocks fall off!