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Timon and Pumbaa's Bug...
Тимон и Пумба — реверси
Rating: 3971. Size: 0.64Mb.
Manage to trap a number of your opponent's pieces.
Механические пазлы
Rating: 1131. Size: 4.53Mb.
Mechanic is a fun physics game, your objective is to get the ball to the box in each level by interacting...
Color World Origins
Цветной мир
Rating: 954. Size: 4.46Mb.
Shoot as few balls from your cannon as possible to make the color of each box match the color of the character...
The Tree Of Life
Дерево жизни
Rating: 356. Size: 5.7Mb.
In Tree of Life, you have the power to bring life. Give life to the tree by completing all the levels...
Milk & Coffee
Молоко и Кофе
Rating: 675. Size: 3.28Mb.
Aim of the game is to help Coffee reach Milk. Place objects that allow the cats to perform certain actions.
Rating: 433. Size: 2.34Mb.
Puzzle game in which you are challenged to solve each puzzle making sure each base is connected with a...
Red Remover PP 2
Убери красных 2
Rating: 1070. Size: 1.08Mb.
As the name already said you must remove all red blocks by clicking them and save all the green ones....
Галактические шимпанзе
Rating: 117. Size: 3.08Mb.
Galaxochimp is your ticket to high-flying cosmic fun! Launch your chimp to collect all the stars on each...
Bridge Tactics 2
Взорви мост 2
Rating: 15556. Size: 3.06Mb.
Attach heavy explosives to the bridge and let them explode when enemy troops and tanks are marching over...
Smart Dogs
Умные псы
Rating: 673. Size: 0.69Mb.
These two smart dogs are trying your skills out, chalanging you to drop the ball from one doggy to another....
Apple Hunter
Охотник за яблоками
Rating: 1308. Size: 2.62Mb.
Apple Hunter is the best physics game where Your target is to make the hedgehog roll to the right direction...
Rating: 571. Size: 1.67Mb.
Discover the secret of the Mayans by blowing them up. Strategically place your bombs too bring down their...
Rating: 397. Size: 1Mb.
Bend the red lines to help the alien collect all the spaceships.
Ninja Painter
Ниндзя художник
Rating: 623. Size: 1.93Mb.
Ninjas are normally great fighters. In the Ninja Painter game, however, a Ninja will become a painter....
Искаженная игра
Rating: 395. Size: 4.32Mb.
Warp is a mystic puzzle platformer with 30 levels. Run, jump and warp around to get to the exit. You can...
Bear vs Bee
Мишка и пчелы
Rating: 572. Size: 2.04Mb.
Help the bear collect honey. Be careful and don't get caught angry bees.
Blobs Hunter
Охотник за каплями
Rating: 793. Size: 1.41Mb.
Aim of the game is to place available platforms in the right position to catch blobs in the bucket. Click...
Щелкни в зеленый
Rating: 666. Size: 1.38Mb.
Enough of joy it's time to crack some brains! That is what you do in brain teasers, isn't it? Just turn...